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FEMS - Facility Engagement Management System

After qualifying for full funding, participating physician societies and their medical staff  can use the online Facility Engagement Management tool to support local activities.  (Note: This tool is not available to facilities that are still in the startup phase.) There are two uses for FEMS:

1) participating medical staff (physicians & allied health professionals) can use the smart phone/desktop application to submit and track sessional claims. 

2) physician society administration teams can use the desktop version to manage and track funded activities, to link to accounting software, and to report on evaluation measures.

**Update March 28, 2018: Please review the FEMS Year End Guidelines, available in the Financial Interface Information section below.  These guidelines explain how to capture claims for the 2017/18 fiscal year after April 1, as well as other important information regarding year end.**

** Update April 20, 2017: Please review your accounting software setup, there have been additions to the Standard Chart of Accounts.  Click on the arrow to expand the Financial Interface Information section below, then select the Setup Update and the corresponding Chart of Accounts Update for your society's accounting software. **

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